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Welcome to Scrip!

We all make purchases every day. Why not have the things you buy help support Vichy. There are four ways you can help support your student(s): 

Use our Vichy School ID number:


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Register your credit and debit cards at You can find a list of local, regional, and national retailers and can make purchases in person or at the online mall. Whenever you do online shopping use the escrip portal to make money for Vichy.

Click on the links for more information:

about escrip

family of merchants

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frequently asked questions

  • enroll in the "Something Extra" program by visiting the Raley's sign up page
  • Go to the extra credit page to enter the organizations you want to support. Click on the "get started" button to begin.
  • Enter "Vichy Elementary School" in the add organizations search box and then click on our school.
  • Enter the percentage you wish to contribute to Vichy.
  • Sign up for a Target RedCard. You can apply for either a debit or credit card in the store or by going to the Target Website sign up page.
  • Once you have the card, visit the Take Care of Education page on the Target website to choose Vichy for your contributions. 


Shop T02030101 BannerLogos SafewayLogo SWY 200832.gif Log on to the escrip website club card page to enroll your club card in the program. Safeway will donate a percentage of your purchases to Vichy Elementary.